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The DVD2 offers the capacity to record to a DVD. It consolidates the use of a Hard Disk Drive and subsequently the capacity to time shift and manage with your viewing with the additional capacity to archive your most valuable minutes onto DVD.

The DVD2 is intended to fit into various circumstances. It can go about as a fundamental DVD player for those without an integrated DVD player. It can likewise go about as a recording device with the capacity to program recording from the integral tuner onto the hard disc. These can be altered and transferred to DVD after recording to form an archive.

You can also use DVD 2 as an instant recorder of whatever is playing on the TV and to later alter that recording too. All of these roles can be combined though deciding the main role helps set up the options.

The DVD2 also includes a HDMI out socket which allows digital connection to sets like the Beovision 8 as well as the Beosystem 3.

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