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BeoCord V8000

BeoCord V8000

BeoCord V8000 video tape recorder matched the Beovision MX range of Bang and Olufsen TVs in looks as well as performance.

You could store a channel on the Beovision MX TV and it was automatically communicated to the V8000. Recording was a straightforward matter of selecting the program directly from Teletext using the Beo4 remote control.

It could be positioned by using one of the stands as part of a Beovision TV. BeoCord V8000 rewound a three-hour tape in 95 seconds and it shifted from fast forward to play in a split second. Other features included NTSC stereo playback. Looks-wise it encapsulated a black fascia with a selection of cabinets in pearlescent shades of blue, green, red, gray and black, in addition to lustrous gray and gleaming white.

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