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BeoVision 8-40

BeoVision 8-40


Beautifully styled


A radical new look with a noticeable speaker box and the same Sharp LCD screen as the Beocenter 6 26". 768p resolution - totally adequate for a screen of this size. Specific care has been taken with the speaker which has been streamlined for speech reproduction. It used three drive units - a 50mm treble/midrange unit mounted at the two opposite ends and a central 100mm woofer. This was independently encased and not at all like the midrange/tweeter was in a bass reflex box to improve the output. In some ways this set up took after that of the BeoSound 1 though that unit had separate midrange and tweeters instead of depending on a full range unit.


Future Proof


Not at all like the other LCD sets in the B&O range, a HDMI socket was fitted which allowed the connection of a digital source. The set additionally came as standard with two SCART attachments however one additional cost alternative was the System Module which provided a Masterlink socket, a RF modulator and a third SCART socket.


Dark or light


Soft touch plastics predominated with an aluminium grille covering the speaker. Only black with a silver grille was available at the launch. A range of stands were provided with options for storage of other source boxes or a minimalist black or white metal single leg



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