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BeoLab 7-1

BeoLab 7-1

BeoLab 7.1 Active Loudspeaker


Manufactured: 2004 - present

Designer: David Lewis

Colours: Black, Silver, Dark Grey, Red, Blue


Filled with new tech, BeoLab 7 is, easily, the most powerful stereo speaker we’ve developed for television. Including six separate driver units, each powered with their own digital ICEpower amplifier, BeoLab 7 gives an unequalled sound performance for your TV experience. The beam-shaped loudspeaker beneath the screen gives an incredible acoustic performance and signifies the presence of sound as an integral part of your viewing experience. Musically, the speaker rivals many hi-fi systems, and is very capable of being used as a BeoLink speaker.


The best solution

BeoLab 7 is specifically created for BeoVision 7 to add the ultimate stereo sound performance to the viewing experience. BeoLab 7-1 is the perfect accompaniment for the BeoVision 7 LCD television. Also, BeoLab 7 stereo loudspeakers fit easily underneath the BeoVision 4 plasma screen, or under a projection screen. In this scenario, the speaker can be either wall-mounted or placed on a special tabletop stand.


Choose your colour

Long and thin, BeoLab 7-1 looks at home under a BeoVision 7 or BeoVision 4, or as part of a projection screen setup. The loudspeaker cabinet is created from one piece of aluminium and coated in a resilient black soft-touch lacquer. The perforated aluminium front grill now comes anodised in five different colours: Light and dark grey, blue, red and black.


A stong, room-filling sound

A special three-way bass reflex construction incorporates six individual units – two each for treble, mid-range and bass. Every driver is powered by a unique built-in ICEpower amplifier, delivering a combined effect of 750 watt. In addition, BeoLab 7-1 is equipped with thermal protection circuits and Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL), which ensures maximum performance without distortion, even at a very high volume. Bang & Olufsen has 25 years experience making loudspeaker cabinets from extruded aluminium. This technique allows for very rigid and compact enclosures with powerful sound performance.


Note that BeoLab 7-1 was designed to be used with the BV4-37 and BV4-42. The wider BeoLab 7-2 may be used with the larger-version BeoVision 4: BV4-50 and BV4-65. Mounting Options All four versions of BeoLab 7 were designed for incorporation with Bang & Olufsen's motor stand options.

For the larger version, try the BeoLab 7.2

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