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Bang & Olufsen Approved Used – Partner Agreement


Bang & Olufsen Approved Used has been designed to give you a greater audience and a faster-to-market solution for your pre-owned and traded-in products. You can list your products on the official Approved Used website, plus also benefit from the installation work that falls into your area.

When you sign-up to use the Approved Used website, you agree to provide an honest assessment of the product grade and any damage/marks with photographs. The item will benefit from a minimum 6 month manufacturer warranty provided your approved service partner checks and signs-off the item before shipping*.

When a product is sold to a customer in your area, their details will be passed to you for the installation work, which you charge the client for directly – thus benefitting from extra margin in this area too, along with the client’s details.

How it works – Selling

  • You grade the product using our *Star* rating. 5* is “as new”, with no cosmetic damage, no missing parts/accessories and the product is younger than 5 years old. 4* is in excellent condition, with only light cosmetic damage (slight scratches/marks) and no missing parts/accessories. 3* is in above-average condition for age with minor cosmetic damage and visible signs of normal use and no missing parts/accessories. We do not approve anything regarded less than 3*.


  • As a guideline, our recommendation is that Televisions over 5 years old and Loudspeakers and Audio Systems over 8 years old will not qualify (as we wish to showcase the very best of the pre-owned marketplace).


  • Also, as a guideline, we recommend that prices should reflect condition in the following ways: 5* = -20% RCP, 4* = -30% RCP and 3* = -40% RCP. Of course, you are free to set your own prices, but please bear in mind that these are the premium products available in the used marketplace.


  • You must take a minimum of 4 photos of the product, including any cosmetic damage, and upload these to the website along with a paragraph of text about the product (how many owners, usage, how old, remaining warranty, condition, any extras etc.). The photos should be against a plain background, so that we maintain standards on the website.


  • You agree to suitably package the product, ideally using original packaging, and remove it from sale from other channels. We cannot advertise products that subsequently become unavailable for the viability of the website.


  • Once it is sold, you will be given a collection date where the courier will take it to the nearest store for installation. You will be given the choice to install it yourselves if you so wish.


  • Upon arrival at the installation store, the product will be checked for condition by that store’s service partner. If the condition is not as stated, you will be charged the difference to put it right or the item/s will be returned and the sale cancelled. Please be aware that if this happens more than once then you risk being removed from the Approved Used website.


  • As soon as the item is checked and approved, all monies will be paid to you. 6 months warranty will start from this point, or the remainder of the existing warranty if greater.


How it works – Installation


  • You will be notified by the Approved Used website that an item has been sold into your area. You will be given the client’s details and you will need to make contact to arrange installation.


  • Installation charges are advised on the website, and are in-line with our recommended prices from Hygge Living. You charge the client directly and make your margin accordingly.


  • Send the Approved Used website confirmation once installation is complete.


How it works – Buying


  • When you upload the items, you upload a trade price, as well as the retail price. If you wish to buy another item to sell to your own clients, you may do so at the trade price from another partner. This is an agreement that all participating partners adhere to.


Remember that you are free to set your own trade and retail prices (these can be the same if you so wish), but the Approved Used website is there to help the client to find the best selection of pre-owned stock in the UK, backed by Bang & Olufsen themselves. Nobody else will be able to offer approved used products. It is in all of our interests to make this a success and gain a greater share of the second-hand market, and the rewards that go with this.

If you are happy with the above and would like to be part of the Approved Used network of UK partners, please follow the training presentation given to you by your Area Retail Manager and then you can set-up your login and get started during/following the training.


*PLAY items are not included in the 6 month warranty