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  • BeoSound Moment

    BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless music system that integrates all your music and streaming services into one unique, two-sided interface. The touch-sensitive wood panel plays the music you are most likely to want to hear with just one touch. The aluminium surface lets you browse your music collection by flicking through your playlists, radio stations or artists – or simply select the mood you want to create on the MoodWheel, and let BeoSound Moment play the music that matches.

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  • BeoSound Essence

    Enjoy the incredible wealth of digital music available today without compromising on audio quality. BeoSound Essence is a simple, elegant one-touch music system that gives direct access to music services and thousands of global internet radio stations. With just four buttons BeoSound Essence frees you from the complexity of modern life and lets you just enjoy music. Use it as a remote or place it on the wall and it will work like a light switch for music. Simple intuitive and unique.

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  • BeoSound 1 (NEW)

    Place wherever. Play whatever. Powerful flexibility and portability with no strings attached.

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  • BeoSound 1 (OLD)

    BeoSound 1 is maximum expression. Simple, elegant and easy to move around. Use it in your home, in the office, or bring it with you on holiday. Sleek and sturdy the BeoSound 1 fits in wherever you have a desire for great sound.

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  • BeoSound 2

    All you need. When and where you need it. Sound on your terms.

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  • BeoCenter 2

    BeoCenter 2 is an integrated and versatile audio and video system offering easy access to CD audio, AM/FM Radio and DVD video. The philosophy behind BeoCenter 2 is to provide a physically compact system offering total integration of picture and sound. The high degree of compactness has been achieved by separating the Master Unit, containing the operation and disc transport mechanism, from the Socket Unit. The Socket Unit (shown right) contains most of the electronics, as well as all external connections. This greatly helps the organising and concealment of the numerous cables needed in a typical A/V set-up. In BeoCenter2 only a single thin cable, available in 1.8, 3, 5 and 10 metre lengths, connects the Master Unit to the Socket Unit. A 1.8 metre cable is delivered as standard.

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  • BeoSound 3

    BeoSound 3 is a compact music system comprising FM radio and SD card player for e.g.. music recorded on BeoSound 4. The products represents a genuine portable solution with integrated, rechargeable battery, soft-touch operation, clock-radio function, and a high quality loudspeaker.

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  • BeoSound 4

    Reach towards it and the sleek, dark glass front of the operation panel slides upwards to reveal a control panel, providing easy-to-navigate wheels and buttons that give you perfect control. Load a CD, listen to FM radio or record music directly onto SD memory cards. The quality of the sound is remarkable: in fact, to the human ear, it’s indistinguishable from a CD. In addition, the technology means you can listen to files from your computer or transfer music to a BeoSound 2 or our portable BeoSound 3 player. Team it with BeoPort for internet streaming, and the BeoLab 4 loudspeakers that were designed to match it for a complete, compact listening experience.

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  • BeoSound 5

    Regardless of the occasion, BeoSound 5 automatically finds the perfect entertainment, setting the scene at all times. Designed to offer seamless access to digital music from Spotify, your BeoMaster 5 and Bang & Olufsen certified home servers, BeoSound 5 is an entertainment powerhouse with superior sound at its core.

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  • BeoSound 35

    MUSIC TAKES YOU PLACES The breath-taking sound experience from BeoSound 35 will take you wherever you want to go. A high-end wireless speaker and all-in-one multiroom music system with an easy-to-use touch interface and integrated access to music and radio streaming services. Everything can be controlled directly from your BeoSound 35 music system. The intuitive touch interface lets you easily take charge of your music source as well as track selection and volume control. Or if you prefer to control things from a distance you can just use a Bang & Olufsen remote or the free Bang & Olufsen app. Thanks to the on-board integration of streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, and TuneIn you get one-touch access to millions of songs, playlists and radio stations. BeoSound 35 features Apple AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 streaming, and our Multiroom technology that lets you wirelessly unite all Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY multiroom products in one seamless music stream across your home.

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  • BeoSound 3000/3200

    BeoSound3200, has a Hard Disk Drive with the capacity to store up to 396 compact discs. The CDs are stored in four groups of 99 and each group can be edited and named, in order to facilitate the easy location of your music. All other main functions are as the existing BeoSound 3000.

    Technology may be the foundation of the experience, but it should never get in the way of the senses. It's the simple understanding that has created the concept behind BeoSound 3200." It integrates a unique CD memory function that can store up to 396 of your favourite CDs in four individual groups. For simple and effective operation, each group is designated a colour that matches both the coloured buttons on the control panel and those on the optional Beo4 remote control you can choose to store an entire CD or just your favourite tracks and each entry can be named for easier recognition. Groups can be arranged according to type or be designated to different members of the family.

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  • BeoSound 9000

    Music may not be essential to life, but it's hard to live without it. That's why BeoSound 9000 makes such a big thing about bringing your music out into the open and letting you create your own personal jukebox with the music that means the most to you. Combine BeoSound 9000 with the latest Beolink® PC 2 software application and you can access the digital music files on your computer's hard disc. Place it upright in a bookcase, lay it flat on a shelf, or hang it directly on the wall - either vertically or horizontally. It can stand between a pair  with any speaker in the BeoLab range. With BeoSound 9000, the possibilities - and the enjoyment - are endless

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  • BeoSound Ouverture

    Manufactured: 1994 - 2003

    Designer: David Lewis

    Colours: Black, Silver


    BeoSound Ouverture: the design may be a Bang & Olufsen classic, but BeoSound Ouverture and BeoSound 3000 refuse to rest on their laurels. Access to new musical sources and fresh loudspeaker options ensure that the concept remains an open invitation to make something special out of your music


    Speakers not included - image for display purposes only.

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  • BeoAmp 2


    The BeoAmp 2 amplifier is an ultra-compact and powerful audio power amplifier intended for single zone custom installation in modern homes, and can also be used in professional applications. BeoAmp 2 is designed for multiple placement options and fits a 1 unit space in a 19" rack installation as well as table and wall mount possibilities.

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  • BeoLink Passive

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  • BeoCenter 2300

    Manufactured: 1991 - 2000
    Designer: David Lewis
    Colours: Aluminium

    Beocenter 2300 is dedicated to the CD enthusiast who, for example, likes to store the titles of favourite CDs, or permanently skip unwanted tracks. It is known as a Beosystem 2300 when connected to the BeoLab 2500 active speakers.

    Beocenter 2300 was developed from the idea of a flexible music system that could compete with the sound quality of heavy music systems.

    A nice mechanical feature of this HiFi is the two clear glass covers that automatically glide to the side when a hand is passed in front of them. Behind the glass covers there is access to the operating panel, receiver, CD player and a cassette recorder.

    The receiver allows the option of presetting 2 x 20 FM/AM radio stations. The cassette recorder features Auto Reverse, Automatic Recording level, search function and Bang & Olufsen's HX-PRO recording system, a system which ensures that the sensitive treble range is captured in recording. The memory in Beocenter 2300's CD player allows you to edit up to 100 CDs.

    Both systems can be operated via their operating panel or a Beolink 1000 or Beolink 5000 remote control. There are sockets for headphones and connection to additional sound sources; extra loudspeakers can also be connected.

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  • BeoSound Edge

    Dimensions: 50.2 x 13 cm (Ø x W)

    Cabinet principle: Closed box / open port

    Weight: 13 kg

    Power amplifiers: 2 x 200 Watt (woofer) 4 x 100 Watt (midranges/tweeters)

    Speaker drivers: 1 x 10” dual coil woofer 2 x 4” midrange 2 x 3/4” tweeter

    Wireless networks: Wi-fi/WLAN 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) Bluetooth 4.2

    Connections: Line-in (analogue & digital combo) with sensing

    1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

    Streaming formats: Chromecast built-in. Apple AirPlay 2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming DLNA - DMR QPlay 2.0 (China specific)

    Designer: Michael Anastassiades

    Remote control: Beosound Essence Remote Bang & Olufsen App

    Placement options: Floor base Wall mount

    In the box: Beosound Edge Quickstart guide

    Natural Materials: Highly polished aluminium body Black fabric covers

    Multiroom: Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and BeoLink Multiroom technologies are integrated and ready for you to create a wireless Multiroom setup with Beosound Edge.

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