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BeoMaster 5

BeoMaster 5

Power supply - EU, GB, US, KOR, AUS, LAT, CHK - 200 - 240 V, +10 / -15 %, 50-60 Hz

Power supply - JPN, US, TWN 100 -127 V +10 / -15 %, 50-60 Hz

Networked standby

1.5 watts

BeoSound 5 Standby only possible in LAN setup (not in WLAN)

Noise Active max. 29dB, in

Standby max. 20dBA

Operating conditions The product is intended for indoor use in dry, domestic environments only. Use within a temperature range of 10-40°C (50-105°F).

Operation system and Hardware:

Operation system Microsoft Windows XP Embedded



Hard disk drive 500 GB / 1 TB (As from serial number 22360310)

Signal-to-noise-ratio (Master Link) >=105 dB

Signal-to-noise-ratio (Power Link) >=97 dB

Features N.Music, N.Radio, Photo, Web

Security Antivirus, Windows XP SP2 firewall

Display resolution DVI-I 1920x1200 (supports HD 1920x1080p) depending on actual TV

Supported formats

N.RADIO WMA, MP3, ASX (MS advanced play list format). Normally locates WMA streaming, but can also locate MP3 streaming. M3U (Simple play list format). Locates MP3 streaming.

N.MUSIC M3U, M4A, WMA (including lossless), FLAC, MP3, MP2, WAV, ASF and AAC (MAC format) BeoSound 5 can play FLAC formats up to 24 bit / 192 KHz but formats above 44.1 kHz will be downsampled to 44.1 kHz/16 bit. Please observe that the WAV format cannot contain metadata/tag information resulting in albums being listed as ”Unknown album” Support for MP3 tag information ID3v2 up to and including version 2.3 We recommend using WMA lossless when ripping from Windows

PHOTO *.bmp: Bitmap (all colour depths 1-32 bit) *.gif: GIF (only the first frame of animated GIFs is shown) *.png: Portable network graphics *.tiff: TIFF images *.jpeg, *.jpg: JPEG standard 24 bit

Video (WEB) *.mpeg; *.mpe;*.mpg: MPEG-x various MPEG format, but only MPEG-1 supported *.avi: only M-JPEG, MS MPEG4 and uncompressed AVI is Supported *.wmv: Windows Media Video *.vfw: (a so-called container that can contain several different compression formats).

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